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SIP Chargestar Smart 8 Battery Charger

SIP Chargestar Smart 8 Battery Charger

Our Chargestar Smart 8 battery charger features a 9-stage charging system, as well as a fully automatic sensing function. Suitable for a range of commonly used battery types.

  • 230v input supply, 8amp current output
  • 9-stage (8amp) automatic charging system
  • Stages have bulk, pulse, recovery, and more
  • For lead acid, GEL, AGM, Wet Cell batteries
  • Fully automatic finding/sensing 12v batteries
  • Integrated LCD display shows charge status
  • May recover slightly sulphated batteries
  • Supplied with various connections
  • Durable heavy-duty construction

The SIP collection of starting and charging equipment features a number of powerful trade and professional units offering unrivaled performance in all applications and fantastic value.

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 03980
Input Supply 230v
Maximum Current 8amp
Charging Voltage 12v
Charging System 9-stage
Battery Type Gel, AGM, Wet Cell
Gross Weight 0.84kg
Packaged Dimensions 800 x 450 x 720mm