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SIP 50/25/10 Ton Pneumatic Truck Jack

SIP 50/25/10 Ton Pneumatic Truck Jack

Our 50/25/10 Ton Pneumatic Truck Jack features a 3-stage lifting system, able to withstand 50 Tons. A chrome-plated ram cylinder and strong construction make the jack extremely durable.

  • 50 Ton maximum weight capacity
  • 150mm to 360mm lift height range
  • 3-stage lifting up to a max. 50 Tons
  • Stage 1: 70mm for max. 50 Ton weight
  • Stage 2: 55mm for max. 25 Ton weight
  • Stage 3: 85mm for max. 10 Ton weight
  • 100 to 145psi recommended pressure
  • Wheel-mounted for easy movement
  • Strong chrome-plated ram cylinder
  • Integated release safety handles
  • Strong saddle to secure the load
  • Solid and durable construction

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 03649
Lifting Capacity 50/25/10 Ton
Max. Air Pressure 100psi - 145psi
Number of Stages 3 stages
Min. Lifting Height 150mm
Max. Lifting Height 360mm
Stage 1: 50 Ton 70mm
Stage 2: 25 Ton 55mm
Stage 3: 10 Ton 85mm
Gross Weight 71kg
Packaged Dimensions 290 x 375 x 710mm