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SIP 3280 x 19mm 8TPI Metal Bandsaw Blade

SIP 3280 x 19mm 8TPI Metal Bandsaw Blade

These band-type blades are used for cutting medium and high toughness steels, alloy steels and more, plus have a high heat and wear resistance - preferred for production environments.

  • 3280 x 19 x 0.9mm, 8TPI blade
  • Ultra high heat and wear resistance
  • Suitable for production environments
  • Ideal for SIP bandsaws, non-SIP kit
  • This saw blade is ideally suited for:
    • Medium strength steel
    • High strength steel
    • Various alloy steels
    • Other metals

SIP stock a collection of heavy-duty metalworking tools and machines that are perfect for a range of tasks including; metal drilling, grinding, sawing, boring, sanding, and more.

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 01429
Blade Type 3280 x 19 x 0.9mm 8TPI
Gross Weight 0.9kg
Packaged Dimensions TBC