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SIP 10" Industrial Circular Metal Saw

SIP 10" Industrial Circular Metal Saw

The 10" Circular Saw is designed to cut ferrous metals and include a single vice with cut-off clamp to eliminate break-off burrs, integrated coolant system, and a totally enclosed blade.

  • 230v (13amp) input supply
  • Powerful 1.1kW (1.5hp) motor
  • 250mm blade, 42rpm speed
  • Complete cutting capacities:
    • @ 90°: 75 x 45mm (B) / Ø 60mm (round)
    • @ 45°: 55 x 45mm (B) / Ø 55mm (round)
  • Built-in coolant system with external filter
  • Designed for cutting all ferrous metals
  • Pedestal stand and blade included
  • Cast iron machine head and base
  • Single vice with cut-off clamp

SIP stock a collection of heavy-duty metalworking tools and machines that are perfect for a range of tasks including; metal drilling, grinding, sawing, boring, sanding, and more.

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 01554
Input Supply 230v (13amp)
Motor Power 1.5hp (1.1kW)
Blade Speed 42rpm
Blade Size 250 Ø x 2 x 32mm
Cutting Capacity @ 90°
Round Section Ø 60mm
Rectangular Box 75 x 45mm
Square Box 55 x 55mm
Angle Iron 55 x 55mm
Cutting Capacity @ 45°
Round Section Ø 55mm
Rectangular Box 55 x 45mm
Square Box 50 x 50mm
Angle Iron 50 x 50mm
Gross Weight 171kg
Packaged Dimensions Box 1: 890 x 580 x 740mm
Box 2: 770 x 460 x 330mm