SIP Industrial Products Ltd

SIP Welding & Cutting Table

SIP Welding & Cutting Table

The SIP Welding Table is designed to accommodate all welding codes, and features an expansive working area and several tools to store accessories and consumables properly.

  • 528 x 944 x 700mm working area
  • Designed for welding and cutting applications
  • Expanded metal grate inside the table frame
  • Integrated pan to collect slag and sparks
  • Includes a ground tab for ground clamp
  • Holders for MIG welding torches/guns
  • U-hook for storing cables and helmet
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Built for heavy-duty use

SIP has a range of accessories and consumables on offer to perfectly complement all welders and plasma cutters. From shrouds and gas bottles to electrodes and wire - it's covered.

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 05709
Area Dimensions 528 x 944 x 700mm
Table Features U-hook, gun holder
ground tab, spark pan
Gross Weight 16.3kg
Packaged Dimensions n/a