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Diesel Infrared Heaters

Diesel Infrared Heaters
These diesel/paraffin heaters from SIP are Infrared which means that they heat objects rather than the surrounding air making them super efficient.

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SIP 72XRDT Infrared Diesel/Paraffin Heater
Item No. 09294

This electric diesel/paraffin heater boasts over 20kW power, and its thermostatic control also means flexibility. A LED temperature display allows for more accurate measurement.

  • 230v (13amp) supply
  • 70,000 BTU/hr (20.kW) heat output
  • Heavy duty painted finish for durability
  • Timed cooling of the combustion chamber
  • 10.5 litre steel-constructed fuel tank
  • LED temperature display panel
  • Thermostatically controlled

Our current range boasts propane, diesel, electric-powered fan, and infrared heaters for a range of applications!

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