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SIP Chargestar 100BSU Charger/Power Supply

SIP Chargestar 100BSU Charger/Power Supply

The Chargestar 100BSU is a microprocessor controlled battery charger and power supply. It features variable charge rates, heavy-duty components, and is suitable for various battery types.

  • 100amp charger/power supply
  • Voltage set between 13.0v - 14.8v
  • Fully auto charger for the following:
    • SLA, AGM, GEL, calcium, and stop-start
  • Up to 100A power supply maintains stable voltage
    during vehicle ECU, reprogramming and diagnostics
  • Variable charger rates; 04amp, 20amp and 70amp
  • Integrated digital voltmeter and ammeter
  • Dual temperature controlled cooling fans
  • 70amp continuous output (supply)
  • 100amp for short time (3 minutes)
  • 5.0m heavy-duty cable and clamps
  • Fully adjustable mounting brackets
  • Manual mode with digital timer
  • Durable, hard aluminium case
  • Convenient large carry handle
  • Fitted with an Anderson plug

Our Starting & Charging collection features suitable boosters, chargers and starters for amateur and domestic, professional, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 07182
Charger / Supply 100amp
Voltage(s) 13.0v - 14.8v
Output Current 70amp (12.0v)
Output (Short) 100amp (3 mins)
Suitable For SLA, AGM, calcium
GEL, and stop-start
Gross Weight 6.4kg
Product Dimensions 324 x 108 x 235mm
Packaged Dimensions n/a